Aug 17 2007

Canada, be a friend. Offer early retirement for George Bush Jr. on Vancouver Island

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Even the most die-hard Canadian neocons have pretty much washed their hands of George Bush Jr. and his disastrous legacy, if only to salvage their own credibility. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I was on the fence when Bush beat Gore as to whether he’d make a good president. Frankly, before 9/11, it didn’t really seem to matter who got in).

Some have gone to the extent of denying Bush true political conservative status. It certainly is possible to make such an argument. But I suspect the impetus for such denials stem from a sort of a twisted counterpoint to Muslims who deny the existence of Islamic terror by simply stating that anyone who commits terrorist acts in the name of Allah cannot possibly be a true Muslim.

Any lingering sympathy by some (but by no means all) Canadian Conservatives for the current Republican administration should be pretty much dealt a death blow by the Bush-ites latest blunder: trying to list the sovereign and official military forces of the Iranian Republican Guard as a terrorist group.

Declaring a War on Terror was a big enough blunder (As BC columnist Norman Spector would say, why not declare war on armored personnel carriers? How about declaring war on flanking movements?). But to compound the error (and the English language’s misery), the Bush administration is now in the business of equating the armed forces of a major regional power with the Shining Path guerrillas or the Red Brigades.

The consequences of such idiocy are as clear as they are lethal (potentially, for the entire planet).

The world knows that Canada is America’s friend. Friends don’t let friends start world wars.

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3 Responses to “Canada, be a friend. Offer early retirement for George Bush Jr. on Vancouver Island”

  1. on 17 Aug 2007 at 5:43 am

    Pretty funny stuff.

    By any measure Mr. Bush has been successful on two major fronts.

    Right, only a dumbass neo-con would think so.

    First, even with the recent market problems the American economy has been booming for more than six years.

    This despite 9/11 and Katrina. Of course the MSM would never acknowledge it, it doesn’t fit in with their template that Bush is a failure.

    Second, how many successful terrorist attacks in the States since 9/11?


    Doesn’t fit your template either?

  2. on 17 Aug 2007 at 11:00 am

    Bush gets a pretty rough time from many Canadians. Most of that seems to centre around his handling of Iraq and other security issues. Personally, I don’t think he handled it all that well. However, many Canadians seem to evaluate who they like for US President from the prespective that they are Americans themselves.

    However, if you really want to consider what is best for Canada, Bush hasn’t done that bad for us. Had Kerry won the last election, I seriously wonder where he would have taken them with regards to things like free trade and economic dealings with Canada. In that respect, I think Bush was the best option for Canada. Some of the trade-related comments coming from the current US Democratic candidates really scare me, as a Canadian.

    From my perspective, that’s all that really matters to me as a Canadian. Most domestic issues in the US that don’t affect trade with Canada–ie health care, social security, etc (which Bush also gets bashed for by Canadians), really shouldn’t matter to us?

  3. on 21 Aug 2007 at 8:40 am

    Dave = The canadians have been involved in a bit of Bush bashing, but generally they consider him as a good presidential candidate

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