Aug 24 2007

Trashing Citizen Sam

Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan got trashed this morning.
Sullivan awoke to piles of garbage outside his Yaletown condo, courtesy of the Anti-Poverty Committee’s latest attempt to grab some headlines.

Frankly, if the APC had decided to dump their refuse outside of Vancouver City Hall, I’d be sympathizing a lot more with citizens of the Downtown Eastside most affected by the garbage strike.

I’d be even more sympathetic if the APC had also dumped garbage outside the offices of CUPE. The labor union is prolonging a strike which most Vancouver citizens have decided has gone on long enough, given the City’s reasonable offer of a 17.5 per cent wage hike over five years for the striking workers.

But targeting the actual residence of our Mayor steps over the line. This isn’t democracy in action. It’s just plain garbage.

Meanwhile, it seems rats aren’t the only ones attracted by the scent of rotting garbage in our strike-stricken city.

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