Oct 07 2007

Protest Myanmar, but is the junta listening?

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Vancouver residents braved near-torrential rain yesterday to rally for the dissidents in Myanmar.

“I am here today because I cannot tolerate injustice, oppression, violence and the blatant suppression of human rights,” said organizer Deanna Scott. (CNEWS)

Sadly, the junta that is in the process of shooting monks and rounding up the “ringleaders” for mass protests in that poor country probably aren’t paying attention.

If the generals actually cared what the world thought of them, they would have thrown in the towel in the 1980s.

China and Japan prop up the Myanmar regime through investment and economic aid. Until those Asian heavyweights stop lending their support, the junta is free to do what it wants.

It took a massive display of violence to get Canadians and others to wake up to the horror show going on in Myanmar. But it’s a sad truth that international protests can only ever exert real pressure on countries with at least some element of democratic government.

But perhaps this rally will do more than reassure our own guilty consciences. For Myanmar’s oppressed, let’s hope so.

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