Oct 18 2007

Canada’s Afghan mission gets unexpected boost

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“We were wrong,” says dumbstruck Mobilization Against War and Occupation Vancouver representative Kira Koshelanyk. “Most Afghans actually think their country is headed in the right direction, and just 15 per cent of them want foreign troops out of their country right now. The rest think NATO should stay, at least until the country is secure. Who knew?”

Well, the statistics from the CBC and the Munk Centre are true, even if the quote and attribution shown above are entirely false. Koshelanyk and her colleagues at MAWO said no such thing.

Of course MAWO has no intention of issuing a press release showing that more than 70 per cent of Afghans think their president is doing a good job in running the country (Try to remember the last time a Canadian leader got such high marks). Considering the guy is leading the largely corrupt administration of a country that is facing an existential threat from opium-financed jihadist thugs, that’s a lot of admiration for a so-called puppet regime.

Will Afghanistan ever become the kind of country where Canadians can travel anywhere safely outside of a NATO convoy? The history of the country certainly doesn’t lend itself to optimistic predictions. But progress has been made; A real estate building boom in Kabul speaks volumes about the Afghan population’s morale.

Thanks to 24 Hours Vancouver reporter Ian King for the heads up on the poll. Nice post, Ian.

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One Response to “Canada’s Afghan mission gets unexpected boost”

  1. on 19 Oct 2007 at 4:54 am

    Looking at MAWO’s site, I have to wonder if there’s a good correlation between the zaniness of a website’s design and the kookiness of the cause espoused thereon.

    1/1 on this theory so far,

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