Oct 25 2007

The masks are coming off the stooges

So says Vancouver journalist Ian King, about shallow moronic apologists for anti-Western zealots. The smug jerks are hitting out blindly at the latest Tyee column from acclaimed author and deadly accurate journalist Terry Glavin.

Glavin once again rips into the significant segment of the anti-imperialist left in Canada that is mute about the struggle of Iranian dissidents against the Islamic Republic’s thuggish regime.

Time and again in the comments section, the usual suspects trot out the same tired and dishonest rhetoric to defend their hero, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Once more, they gloss over the regime’s failings to strike at phantom Neo-con spies.

Yet Glavin couldn’t be clearer that Canadians who are upset with the totalitarian Iranian regime can condemn it without fearing to be seen as puppets of Bush:

Ottawa has taken a leading role at the UN in the focus on Iranian human rights, and after Kazemi’s murder in 2003, diplomatic engagement with Tehran was confined to human-rights questions. Canadians are well placed, then, to focus on shaming the regime and exposing its tyrannical violence, simply by helping pro-democracy forces tell their stories to the outside world.

King is dead-on with his own take on condemning Iranian human rights abuses, supporting dissidents and protesting any invasion of the Islamic Republic:

It is possible to hold all three views at once, rather than simply defaulting to “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. This is not rocket science.


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