Nov 21 2007

Canada, delete Saudi Arabia from your Facebook friends

The Supreme Court of Canada on Tuesday defended a court verdict that sentenced a 19-year-old victim of a gang rape to six months in jail and 200 lashes because she was with an unrelated male when they were attacked.

Well, that’s not exactly true – it was actually the Saudi judiciary that was passing judgment on the 19-year old Saudi woman. It sometimes helps to get a perspective on international news by looking at it from a local perspective, though.

Is there any particular reason why Canada has diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia while Canadian troops are fighting medieval religious thugs in Afghanistan (who were educated in Saudi-funded fundamentalist madrassas in Pakistan)?

Of course, most Canadians have already probably forgotten the name William Sampson.

UPDATE: Evidently, I think like a presidential candidate. Now, if only he stood a chance of getting elected…

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