Nov 25 2007

EcoView: Green collar jobs

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Talking to associated lefties, NDP bigwig Jack Layton says Canada needs more “green collar” jobs to help move Canada into the new “energy economy”.

Notwithstanding the leftist leader’s transparent sloganeering and grandstanding, the theme is definitely a good one: business owners and unions (in that order) ought to take the initiative to train their workers in environmentally sustainable service delivery whenever applicable.

It would be a good thing for everyone if all aspects of our modern-day life were run with sustainability principles in mind. Nothing wrong with saving money and helping stave off climate change for another century.

Paraphrasing Vancouver City Hall Climate Change protection manager in my feature in Granville Magazine‘s latest issue, small steps are the key to meeting environmentally-friendly objectives. If everyone in Vancouver reduced their greenhouse gas emissions just half a ton, we could meet Vancouver’s 2012 GHG reduction target.

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