Nov 28 2007

Racial profiling at YVR? Just be glad they didn’t taser you

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Was a Muslim prevented from getting on a plane the victim of racial profiling at a Vancouver airport?

Anything’s possible. The complainant says he is “just as in the dark, with no tangible answers from Air Canada, now as I was three years ago”. Well, then, it must be racial profiling.

Or, just possibly, maybe, perhaps, it was the result of the bad luck of having the same name as someone on a US no-fly list that Canadian airport officials were using unofficially at the time. (We now have our own no-fly lists, just like many other countries.).

Racial profiling gets a bad rap. Virtually every plane hijacking in recent memory has been carried out by Muslims, so one would think it might even be a better idea at airports. But it probably wouldn’t be all that effective in practice: Muslims (like Buddhists, Jews and Christians) come in all colors, shapes, sizes and both genders – and of course, discrimination on the basis of religion just looks pretty bad coming from a country that practices religious freedom. Screening everyone is still the only way to go.

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