Dec 08 2007

EcoView: We’re all sinners

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Canada ranks fourth-worst in a study of countries’ climate change performance.

Having recently researched the topic of climate change impact in the Vancouver area for a magazine piece, the numbers aren’t all that surprising. Canada does have a lot of work to do (though some municalities like Vancouver and Toronto are in fact leading the way in terms of climate change planning).

It is odd, though, that China would not be ranking right up there, considering it is overall the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases. And how does Indonesia get off scot-free? Meanwhile, India gets ranked in the top five on the survey, despite the country’s rapid deforestation and coal-fired energy plants?

Of course it’s not fair that newly developing countries should have to share the burden of cutting carbon output to fight global warming. But fair or not, it’s necessary, or we’re all in trouble.

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