Dec 16 2007

MAWO, hip hop and murderous contempt

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Here is an excerpt from Lyle Neff’s (aka Earnest Canuck’s) recent article about a Mobilization Against War and Occupation-organized hip-hop concert. A version of this article appeared in the Fall ’07 issue of VR.

“Drury and MAWO aren’t really for peace,” K. said worriedly. “They’re for the other side. They are fans of the jihad. And mainstream publications like 24 Hours aren’t investigating such groups – they’re funding ’em.”

Yes, they are. Brooding on this, I recalled the hip-hop consciousness of the Mississauga MC Zakaria Amara. Speaking his grassroots truth, comparing Muslims to Canadians, Amara spat out such rhymez as this:

Our sisters are purer
Than your Jennys and your Heathers
The only good thing about you
Is your Tim Horton’s muffin fritters

— just before he and the other Toronto bomb plotters took delivery of the alleged ammonium nitrate. Allegedly. Now, the MAWO cadres may genuinely believe MC Zak to be an unjustly imprisoned casualty of the neo-colonial Islamophobic imperialist apparatus. They have a Charter right to such a belief, the same way we countrymen of Zakaria Da Bomb uphold his freedom to express his frothing, murderous contempt for us.

Did the musicians and performers at MAWO’s circus realize the radical organizers were employing them in defense of blank-eyed little bigots like Amara, though? I suspect most didn’t. That’s why the “enlightened,” political division of hip-hop is almost as dull as the gangster division. Sorry, Kia; it doesn’t matter whether you’re “conscious” or not, if in point of fact you’re oblivious.

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