Dec 18 2007

EcoView: Green Blog? Or is it a Breen Glog?

While the title above is simply a sophomoric shot-in-the-dark SEO optimization tactic, I did actually want to put a spotlight on the fine work they’re doing at the Green Blog. As a recently-minted convert to the environmental cause and an entirely self-declared expert on sustainability issues on the west coast, I salute thee.

Nice work on the Bali conference updates, catastrophic climate data links and even a thoroughly disgusting yet visually appealing anti-whaling ad photo. Am I guessing right that the Green Blog is based right out of big green giant Vancouver, or am I just projecting?

Now, if they could just throw in a disclaimer that Kyoto and conferences like Bali are really just a symbolic cover for signatory nations to do nothing at all (and that efforts of nations like Canada that may or may not be trying to put pressure on other countries to actually walk their talk are pretty much moot thereby), that would make my day.

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