Dec 19 2007

TrueNorth: Mark Steyn, freedom writer

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A belated kudos to BC author, journalist and all-around intellectual tough guy Terry Glavin on his column about the human rights witch hunt by the Canadian Islamic Congress against one of Canada’s most controversial (well, according to the CIC, anyway) conservative commentators, Mark Steyn.

An excerpt: This entire escapade is not just a threat to Maclean’s and Steyn specifically but to journalists generally, and also to pamphleteers, bloggers and just about anyone who might occasionally express a public opinion on a subject of public interest. It also threatens to invite the wrath of the Supreme Court of Canada, which should be expected if Maclean’s and Steyn find themselves forced to fight this all the way up. The result could cause great harm to the credibility and the legal clout of human rights tribunals across the country.

First, they came for Steyn…

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