Dec 23 2007

Globe&Post: It’s open season on Canadian media

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Ah, the latest incidence of identity politics and victim-cloaked self-righteousness being used as a weapon to blunt our tradition of free speech in Canada.

Here’s the story: Supporters of Laibar Singh, an Indian who entered Canada on a fake passport in 2003 and was to be deported from Vancouver’s YVR earlier this month, are upset with media reports that they had abandoned the failed refugee status claimant and ‘confronted’ the media to reiterate their support for him.

Interestingly, the much-syndicated report goes on to explain that Singh continued to enjoy full support from the whole South Asian community and many white mainstream organisations.

Just for the record, what exactly is a “white mainstream organization”? The reporter in this case seems to be less than familiar with the realities of our wonderfully multi-hued urban landscape in Canada. The report seems to make more of a statement about the perspective and practices of newsmakers outside of this country.

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