Dec 24 2007

MyLife: Bye, PC. Hello, Mac.

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The Christmas spirit has finally gotten to me: I’m going to buy a Mac.

I’ve been procrastinating on a laptop purchase for a year and it’s finally do or die time. Over few weeks of browsing for digital cameras (and ultimately picking up a very reasonably-priced and impressive Fuji model), my attention strayed often to laptops – particularly, the non-PC kind. Far too many of my writer and multi-media wielding friends and relatives have already taken a bite of the Apple – some of them made the move years ago, before iPod was just an idea. Their enthusiasm seems to be the kind that people most often reserve for cults.

Ultimately, the Macs just look too good and work too well to say no. Besides, their commercials are awfully persuasive.

UPDATE: Bought it, but now waiting for the machine to power up overnight. Tomorrow would be awfully like Christmas morning if I were of that cultural persuasion.

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