Dec 29 2007

BlogRant: Currents gets a New Year’s makeover

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As loyal Currents readers may have noticed, the title of each recent post on Currents is now preceded by a category name.

While Currents is a Vancouver writer’s take on current affairs, politics and life on Canada‚Äôs west coast, that list of topics can encompass a pretty nebulous (AKA confusing) array of subjects. The new categories should help our readership quickly figure out the topic of the latest post (and whether or not they might want to read it).

CityView:Comment on Vancouver City Hall, local news and municipal shenanigans
WorldView: Perspectives on current affairs and global hotspots
Globe&Post: Canadian issues, politics and argument
EcoView: Environmental news and green views
Vlog: A video blog post, just for the hell of it
PhotoBlog: Featured image of the week
BlogRant: The technical hurdles and small victories of getting a blog to function properly
TrueNorth: Activism and punditry from Canadians fighting fascism, demagogues and unrepentant jerks
WriteImage: The business of writing, marketing and media manipulation
MyLife:This writer’s personal milestones and speed bumps


UPDATE: Thanks to new media maven Michael Klassen of Thinking Cap Inc. for some very helpful support in getting this site working properly. The intricacies of RSS feeds and HTML may give others pause, but Thinking Cap’s el presidente himself was on hand to get everything working properly with step-by-step assistance. Now that Currents’ Feedburner feed does what it is supposed to do, this writer can actually get to the essential work of winning more subscribers…

Speaking of which, if you’re curious about how to subscribe to Currents, try clicking on the giant orange button in the top right corner (or the little orange button in your web browser bar). Subscribing only takes a few seconds, and it’s totally painless.

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