Dec 30 2007

Currents’ 2007

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Currents has overcome two frustrating blogging platform changes, ferocious bouts of writers’ block and an occasional hangover to bring our readers riveting posts guided by hard-boiled realpolitik, Canadian pragmatism with an ironic sense of humor. Here’s the best of 2007.

Vancouver Indymedia shuts down, no doubt due to a Zionist conspiracy. (January)

Albertans decide they need oil more than water. Bottoms up! (February)

Urban sprawl vs. Ecodensity (March)

Vancouver-area Green Party candidate commits political suicide (April)

Anti-Poverty Committee decides to pursue politics by other means (May)

Making First Nations Poverty History… eventually. (June)

Black gold found!… in Burnaby? (July)

Obscure Vancouver writer finishes novel in three days. (August)

Vancouver City Hall strike drags on… and on… (September)

The masks are coming off the stooges. (October)

Raven and Jason and life in Vancouver’s DTES (November)

An assassin ends the year with a shot heard round the world. (December)

Keep reading! The good part’s coming up…

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