Dec 31 2007

WorldView: Most underreported humanitarian disasters of 2007

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While Vancouver’s most vocal peace group (and a wide-ranging assortment of peace groups, NGOs, national governments, unfortunately alongside an unimaginable number of extremist fanatics) remains as focused on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as one of the biggest impediments to world peace (see Terry Glavin’s excellent column from a while back on the issue here), some numbers pulled effortlessly off the newswire today are illuminating.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has claimed the lives of more than 4,500 Palestinians and 1,100 Israelis since September 2000.Meanwhile, 200,000 people have been killed in Darfur, Sudan, since February 2003.In Iraq, well… Nobody really knows. 250,000? 1.2 million? In any case, the most likely reason the numbers for the latter part of 2007 seem slightly better is that the ethnic cleansing campaigns by Sunnis and Shiites seem for the most part complete.The list goes on. Sri Lanka, Colombia, Myanmar…

Meanwhile, Medicines Sans Frontieres has released its list of the 10 top underreported humanitarian disasters of 2007.There’s more to this world peace thing than the actions, hopes and dreams of people in a strip of desert (sans oil) smaller than Vancouver island.

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