Jan 02 2008

CityView: $5 a day to take the bus

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The latest fare hike to $2.25 each way from Metro Vancouver’s TransLink is a poke in the eye to the Lower Mainland’s lean and green public transit users.

It’s still far cheaper to take the bus than lease, fuel and maintain a car – but the $5 a day milestone is still pretty crummy.

This hike comes just over a month after the CBC revealed TransLink Executives who already make six-figure salaries racked up $154,000 in car expenses in 2006 (paid in full by TranLink, natch). Taking away those kinds of perks wouldn’t cover the cost of the fare hike, but it would make a lot of us transit users feel better.

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One Response to “CityView: $5 a day to take the bus”

  1. stagelefton 05 Jan 2008 at 5:45 am

    It’s $2.90 each way here in Ottawa, $3 if you are paying in cash, and the idiots at city hall just voted in a 30% increase over the next three years.

    I’m looking into buying a scooter before spring, or even driving my motorcycle to work as soon as the weather warms up – within the next 12 months gas and parking (it’s $5 a day for motorcycles at a parking loot near where I work) will be cheaper for me than taking the bus….. they’ve finally driven a regular transit user and advocate into driving to work instead of taking the bus.

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