Jan 10 2008

MyLife: The Donald Trump Way to Wealth. I have a free ticket. Interested?

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I’m a huge fan of the Apprentice reality television show, hosted by New York billionaire tycoon Donald Trump. I own a DVD collection of the Apprentice Season One. (Incidentally, I have a strange obsession with checking out what Apprentice immortal Sam Solovey is up to from time to time. Evidently, he’s made good as a professional auctioneer and real estate realtor).

When I got some (evidently randomly sent-out) invitations in the mail to a free event at Vancouver’s Wall Centre entitled the Trump Institute’s Way to Wealth Conference, I had to RSVP right away. I was a little sad to learn that Trump himself won’t be there; the invitation states only that the event will feature a “hand-picked member of my organization who will teach you many of the strategies and techniques that are the reasons for my success.”

Still, I figure I could do worse than spend Saturday morning listening to someone who may just happen to be able to inspire me to garner an insane amount of wealth. As an added bonus, whoever attends gets a copy of Trump’s book, Think Like a Billionaire; relevant material for someone who isn’t a billionaire yet but might like to be one someday.

I do have an extra ticket to the event. The person I thought might want to go declined, and then my backup bailed as well. Long story short, if anyone wants to go to this event, it’s happening at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel downtown at 9 am this Saturday. Even with the invite and the RSVP, seating is limited and it’s still first-come, first serve for anyone with an invitation, (which sort of defeats the purpose of the reservation. Seinfeld, anyone?) so I plan on being there around 8:20 am.

If anyone else wants to go to this thing, they should leave a comment on this blog, including their name and email.For anyone still not quite convinced of the power of the Donald, I leave you with this Youtube demonstration below of the great and powerful Trump doing what he does best.

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One Response to “MyLife: The Donald Trump Way to Wealth. I have a free ticket. Interested?”

  1. Christineon 11 Feb 2008 at 7:23 pm

    Did you go?
    Me too I got two tickets and can’t find anybody else to go with me. The event is held tomorrow evening at the Delta hotel in Montreal. Just wondering if it’s worth my while. Any feedback would be highly, highly appreciated.
    Thanks a million,

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