Jan 14 2008

Globe&Post: Deconstructing a peace proposal

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Vancouver-based Lauryn Oates is Vice-President of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, Coordinator of the Funders’ Network for Afghan Women and an independent consultant specializing in gender equality. Marc André Boivin is Deputy Director of the Réseau francophone de recherche sur les opérations de paix at the University of Montréal. An article they’ve co-written, published in Le Devoir, about the challenges involved in even considering Afghan government talks with the Taliban explains the problem with the approach very well – in French, as one would expect for Le Devoir. Of course, thanks to the wonders of Babelfish, you can read the English (well, sort of) translation of “Canada Must Understand/Include Afghans” here.

As they say, “a true process of peace must hold account of the multiple obstacles which will not fail to be drawn up on its road. More still, such a process should be preceded by consultations with the first concerned: Afghans.”

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