Jan 15 2008

WorldView: G’day, mate. Sorry, none of the glowing stuff for you today

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In a classic case of trying to shut the barn door after the cows have escaped, Australia is refusing to sell uranium to India until that country signs the global nonproliferation treaty. This, despite India’s desperate need for nuclear fuel and 10 years of being an admitted member of the club of nuclear-armed nations.

Clearly, India cannot take a sincere pledge not to pursue nuclear weapons (retroactively?). Why does one democratic nation governed by the rule of law want to force another such nation (located in a region not so filled up with democratic and lawful countries) to sign an international treaty that would be rendered meaningless as soon as it is signed? Just because Australians live down under doesn’t mean the primacy of pragmatism over principle ought to be reversed.

Thankfully, my local readers are far from such odd dramas in the sanctity of Vancouver’s own nuclear weapons-free zone.

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