Jan 20 2008

CityView: Take a hike, gangstas

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Two men are dead after a shooting in a downtown Vancouver restaurant. I was with friends just a few blocks away when the incident happened and was less than pleased to learn after I got home that my life could have been put at risk by morons carrying lethal weapons. Stray bullets have already claimed innocent lives in this city. Most of these thugs with guns are simply bad shots, which makes them a threat to more than their criminal rivals.

Gun control may not be a viable option for preventing these kinds of crimes when our country is right next door to one of the biggest arms markets in the world. But minimum sentencing of 10 years or more for crimes involving firearms, regardless of whether anyone is hurt or killed, might just keep a few idiots from carrying these weapons. It might even help keep these menaces behind bars longer, which is always a benefit to the public.

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