Jan 26 2008

MyLife: Vancouver’s brightest entrepreneurs, tech junkies and bloggers link up (in person. Go figure)

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Vancouver’s finest creative startup moguls, tech wunderkind, marketing geniuses high-profile bloggers and various cool creative types united in the historic Lamplighter Pub in Gastown for an incredible meet and greet: Launch Party Vancouver. Instead of the usual Powerpoint demonstrations and demos in between socializing, presenters showed up with a laptop and business cards and got up close with the people. Great concept for a unique networking event. A few highlights:

A photo shoot of the Techvibes Vancouver Tech Women to Watch in 2008 (blogged about by Raincity Studios’ Kris Krug). As usual, Miss604 is one of the top candidates. Go, Surrey! Also, TransitCamp Organizer Karen Fung gets a well-deserved spot in the distinguished group.Despite hanging on the periphery of Vancouver’s tech sphere for years, I never actually met the (in?)famous Kris Krug until this event. The Bryght president/fashion photographer/blogger/tech is a really down to earth guy. He’s an inspiration to us all. Check out this amusing little snippet from Mr. Krug on the evolution of online communities: “There’s been a huge shift in the people using the tools. You’ve got so-called “normal” people adopting technology tools and coming online in big numbers now, and not only that, but then they are turning around and talking about it with their friends. They’re starting to question the tools too, asking all the right questions about privacy, etc, so there’s been a huge increase in consciousness around this.”

Hop Studios webhead and super-cool workaholic Travis Smith provides the following sound advice for people attending such events: OK, let’s just skip the I’m busy with work, you’re really busy with work, that’s awesome, that’s great… Let’s talk about what else you’ve been doing besides work. So, what else have you been doing?” Also, the horizontal scrolling on Unvarnished is INTENTIONAL, people.

Writer and social media maven Monica Hamburg added her own usual intelligence and wit to the mix. She’s probably assimilated the equivalent of a Ph.D worth of info about social marketing by now. Some of her latest finds are explained with her usual eloquence in Monica’s latest blog post, Behold the Power of Facebook for Business.

Marketing Ruined My Life blog author/marketing master Jeremy Lim was also on the scene. Check out his cool new Facebook App, Mixx Maker, which lets you make mix tapes with your friends, quick and easy. 

Creative and award-winning fashion designer Kim Cathers lit up the scene with a sparkling presence. Her killer Discollection line of funky fashions is definitely worth checking out. Spread the love! Excellent event. Keep ’em coming, Launch Party Vancouver!

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  2. Monica Hamburgon 27 Jan 2008 at 11:26 am

    Great write up. And Wow! Thank you for the extremelly flattering description of me. Monica happy!

  3. jnarveyon 27 Jan 2008 at 11:43 am

    Flattery, shamattery. It’s all true, fellow wordsmith. Cheers!

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  5. kk+on 01 Feb 2008 at 4:28 pm

    thx for the shoutout narvey. was great to meetcha! :)
    kim finally realized you weren’t pj harvey. lol.

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