Feb 08 2008

CityView: A Peace Group That Acts Like the Mafia

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They brainwash their members into total submission to the cause. They bully members and outsiders into either joining them or getting out of their way. They use intimidation, threats and violence to get what they want.

They are known by many names: Fire This Time, Youth Third World Alliance, Mobilization Against War and Occupation, and others. They are the hijackers of Canada’s peace movement in Vancouver. Ivan Drury, a former MAWO member who has found the courage to leave this poisonous group told his story earlier in the week. He isn’t the only one to escape from MAWO’s mafia-like organization. Ian Beeching has also been inspired to tell his story of how a Canadian peace group was taken over by people who had far more in common with politicians like Stalin and Mao than Ghandi.

To be sure, I have no complaint with those who sincerely strive for lasting and just peace – as opposed to the sad sort of peace envisioned by certain local “peace” activists; a peace that will reign only after tens of millions have been blown up, burned alive and decapitated in a revolutionary war against the “imperialist” West.

I do have a problem with people, especially the educated lot sprouting out of our universities, who really ought to know better than to get involved with groups like Fire This Time and MAWO in the first place. A capacity for critical thinking is, after all, a requirement for entering an institution of higher learning.

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