Feb 25 2008

CityView: Vancouver Public Library gets its hate on

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The Greg Felton anti-Semitic literary travesty at Vancouver Public Library took place tonight. Owing to professional commitments, I was unable to attend. Hopefully, someone else was able to come and smack the author over the head with a bag full of intellectual heft flavored by the side of good. Vancouverific true blue blog Covenant Zone has the most complete commentary on the issue (hopefully with a writeup on the event in question soon to follow), much in line with my own views:

“We cannot entirely answer the real question that the library’s invitation of an “anti-Zionist” to highlight “Freedom to Read Week” poses unless we attempt to explain how professional librarians could be enticed into thinking that Felton’s claims of a Jewish (or “Zionist”) conspiracy to run America and its foreign policy, to create al Qaeda (and 9/11) as America’s whipping boy, had any kind of merit.”

Those librarians have got a looooooooooot of explaining to do.

UPDATE: Covenant Zone has published a comprehensive report on the riotous event at the library. A quick note: some of it seems to be written verbatim from notes recording Felton’s words verbatim without a qualifier, so don’t be confused when the author of the blog seems to be agreeing with Felton’s conspiracy theories. He ain’t.

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