Feb 27 2008

Globe&Post: George Bush humps camels and defeats the terrorists

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The war on terror is over. We won. You have George Bush Jr.  to thank for this happy, shocking development. God bless America.

Head over to Fast Fictions for the details on how the most reviled American president in modern history made the world safer for democracy and consigned the terrorists to a choice between camel buggery and death.

You’ll be glad you did.

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5 Responses to “Globe&Post: George Bush humps camels and defeats the terrorists”

  1. Earnest Canuckon 01 Mar 2008 at 2:25 am

    Not sure I get all the layers of comic irony in the feisty fiction fable here, Narvey. Almost seems like the guy is noting Bush’s invisible accomplishment — seven years gone with no further mass-casualty attack on Yankee civilians — in a way even Colonialism Studies undergrads and Calgary imams might find digestible. Am I missing the point…? That is a kind of victory, innit? It’s true that Bush’s decisions — his disastrous *gambling* — did not keep Iraqis similarly safe; yet they weren’t safe from random murder prior to March of 2003, either. And: whatever camel-humping sneers and parody one might apply to his forces’ Mesopotamian efforts, Bush has in fact ‘trampled’ thousands and thousands of extremely dangerous theocratic fanatics, while millions and millions of Western poets, documentary filmmakers and tenured sociologists have just ignored the great jihadi storm, settling into the sand, rolling their eyes and spitting like so many ignorant dromedaries…

  2. jnarveyon 01 Mar 2008 at 10:36 am

    I fully agree with you, Earnest Canuck. Bush has in fact been the ultimate cause of a whole lot of jihadi wankers meeting untimely deaths. One can argue that the Iraq invasion sparked a recruiting drive that thrives to this day, but the one thing no one can accuse Bush of is cutting and running when the bad guys come out to play.

    However, the tenacity by American forces at the tactical level has been sabotaged by the well-documented mistakes of Bush and Rumsfeld early on at the strategic level.

    The author of the story – an acquaintance of mine who shall remain nameless due to a funny aversion to taking credit for his work – writes a short piece of fiction every day and occasionally strays into politics. I’m not sure if the story is so much satirical as just plain silly – and therefore, always entertaining.

    How did you like the ending?

  3. Earnest Canuckon 03 Mar 2008 at 1:12 am

    The ending? Well, it seemed a bit late in the day to start getting poignant, I thought. But look – I admire the guy’s sheer bloodymindedness in cranking something out *every single day.* I doubt he’s claiming all this hasty prose is gonna be great; statistically though, some of it will probably be adequate.

    There is Canadian precedent for strenuous exploits like this, in the form of the Three Day Novels, and in John Allemang’s Herculean/Promethean Book-A-Day project. Those writings were subject to editing, though.

  4. […] do. I can do that with my eyes closed so you know if I make a typo now and again what of it ?  And the Earnest Canuck who took my silly George Bush story way too seriously, come on dude. Lighten up. I do count the number of times people laugh through their life you know. […]

  5. Joshon 25 Mar 2008 at 9:33 am

    I like this humor… simply and too the point.

    Here’s some more political satire to take the edge off…

    McCain Plays AARP Card

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