Feb 29 2008

MyLife: I fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally Made it to the Top of Harbour Centre

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While picking up some free tickets to the lookout as prizes for a viral video contest I’m organizing for a local college, I finally made it up to the top of Harbour Centre in downtown Vancouver.

Why, why, why-eeeeey did I wait so long? It was a blast!

I think I’ve put it off all these years I’ve lived in Vancouver just because I didn’t think the building looked all that tall. I mean, I’ve been to CN Tower. I’ve been to the top of Eiffel Tower in Paris and Namsan Tower in Seoul. I just figured, how spectacular could the view from Harbour Centre possibly be? But the Vancouver lookout easily rivaled all those other great views.

Sadly, this was the one day of the week I didn’t take my camera to work. You’ll just have to go and see the view yourself, since the Youtube videos I’ve found to date just don’t do it justice.

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