Mar 03 2008

EcoView: Just Got Back from the Closest Thing to Another Planet

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No, it wasn’t me. Technologist and Vancouver blogger David Drucker’s lovely wife, Pam,  just arrived back from Antarctica — an entire continent without any trees. The highlights are at Loud Murmurs. Best tip for those venturing there: remember to bring your sunglasses. 

As inhospitable a place as the last discovered continent is, it’s kind of inspiring to remember that the ecosystem does actually sustain a vast population of perpetually depressed penguins who probably have conversations like this:

George: “It’s freaking cold here! Again! We’re genetically related to tropical birds from South America, where the mean average temperature is a sweaty 39 degrees Celsius. My ancestors, I curse thee to hell for coming to this desolate land!”Fred: “Always the same thing with you, George. Why don’t you just relax and suck on some regurgitated three-month old fish to sustain yourself a little while longer through the next month or so?”

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