Mar 13 2008

WorldView: Tot@litarian

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I demonstrated against the North Korean regime’s censorship of free online expression today, right in front of Kim Jong Il Square.

Virtually, of course. Had I actually done such a thing in person, I would no doubt be on the wrong end of a cattle prod in some medieval dungeon by now.

Yet Reporters Without Borders’ First Online Free Expression Day gives people the chance to protest the tragedy of censorship, which isn’t just about some faceless bureaucrat taking liberties with his black pen. Sixty-two cyber-dissidents are currently imprisoned worldwide. More than 2,600 websites, blogs or discussions forums were closed or made inaccessible in 2007.

Vancouver’s heavily-active and, let’s face it, privileged — online community, and Canadians who benefit from a relative press freedom (well, Mark Steyn might have something to say about that), have every reason to take part in this protest.

Take action now. Go to the website and pick your least favorite human rights and free speech violator from among Burma, China, Cuba, Egypt, Eritrea, North Korea, Tunisia, Turkmenistan and Vietnam. Pick an avatar and in a flash, you’ll be waving your sign and getting up in the faces of the bad guys — all from the comfort of your laptop.

Fight the power.

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  1. Joeon 14 Mar 2008 at 2:20 pm

    This is amazing – very much “Protest 2.0!” Thanks for sharing it.

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