Mar 14 2008

WorldView: Ethnic Cleansing By Tax Hikes?

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NATO went to war against Serbia’s war-mongering regime in 1999 because of an inordinate raise in property taxes in Kosovo. The Rwanda genocide is more properly termed the “municipal rezoning” conflict.

Not true, of course. Taxes and city bureaucracy may suck, but they had never been mentioned seriously as tactics for ethnic cleansing — until Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas weighed in this week. On the widely-read Yahoo! News site, the headline reads “Abbas accuses Israel of Ethnic Cleansing” One would naturally assume this is just more rhetoric to describe Israel’s recent incursion into Gaza to stop a relentless barrage of missiles emanating from the territory. Nope.

Reading further down, Abbas’ meaning becomes clear: “Our people in Jerusalem are under an ethnic cleansing campaign. They are suffering from a series of decisions like tax hikes and construction prohibitions.”

Interesting. Does Abbas have any comment on the decade-old Palestinian law that provides a death sentence — usually by summary execution involving torture and/or bullets to the brain — to Palestinians who sell land to Jews ( Just so everybody is absolutely clear on the rules.

By the way, since I was recently protesting for press freedom with Reporters Without Borders against some of the more outrageous examples of media censorship via bloodletting, exactly how did Hamas-run, media-unfriendly Gaza get a free pass from the list?

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