Mar 21 2008

MyLife: The WRITEIMAGE Blog is Live!

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A little shameless plug for my new website — check out the WRITEIMAGE blog for the latest trends and tips for writing, web copywriting and social media.

As an aside, for those who have been wondering what the glamorous working day of a writer looks like, the following video may illustrate. Cheers!

Remember, repetitive stress typing injuries are not just a myth perpetuated by lazy teenage essayists on a deadline. Take it easy out there, fellow wordsmiths.

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One Response to “MyLife: The WRITEIMAGE Blog is Live!”

  1. Larry Yatkowskyon 21 Mar 2008 at 6:35 pm

    Sometimes I relax the wrists and switch to my toes. It is however, problematic. The little guys never get the rhythm. .>)

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