Mar 26 2008

Globe&Post: What does MAWO know about these guys that we don’t?

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The latest buzz about our alleged home-grown Canadian terror cell’s plot to destroy democracy in Canada is even scarier than what we all knew before (Missauga: The News). Remember, these are the same guys who reportedly wanted to behead Stephen Harper — for real, not just metaphorically. Actually saw off the man’s head. Really, really, bad stuff.

Odd that a local Vancouver “peace” group still has an article on their website celebrating the suspects as innocents presumably caught up in a wave of fascist state terror. The only proof of MAWO’s allegations seems to be that “the “allegations” that the Toronto 17 were involved in a “terrorist plot” have not been elaborated beyond allegation”… and therefore, must be false, of course. Since Canadian criminal courts haven’t managed to hustle the suspects through an expedited trial to determine the truth (a la the justice system in Iran? Syria? North Korea?), the suspects must be innocent.

So… since MAWO still seems to endorse this convoluted theory, even though the Crown’s evidence is only now being released in drips and drabs, the question is: what does MAWO know that the rest of us don’t?

We’re waiting, peaceniks.

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