Mar 29 2008

Globe&Post: SAWA Global, a Gateway to Changing the World

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What is it about Vancouver that attracts so many new media organizations that want to change the world? The latest I’ve discovered is SAWA Global, which aims to profile short videos of local heroes from the world’s poorest countries that provide solutions on poverty eradication, disease control and environmental sustainability.

SAWA’s objectives are two-fold: the first is to provide a free website portal for the world’s poorest people to promote their projects “stories of hope” and leverage global support. They also want to present a website interface to educate and connect citizens of all nations to actionable ideas for global change.

They’ve got a wide range of projects on the go for those who want to take concrete actions now. Help eradicate poverty in Kenya. Protect and empower children in Columbia. Help Rwandan children recover from years of war and suffering.

Inspire others.

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