Apr 01 2008

WorldView: Why Vote for the Lesser Evil? Vote Cthullu for President in 2008

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The stars are right and we’re all screwed. In a stunning development, great Cthullu has thrown his, um, tentacles, into the US election race for the White House. No word yet on his platform, but presumably it involves rising from the sunken city of R’Lyeh and feasting on the souls of the living.


Just when you thought American politics couldn’t sink any lower…

In a related story, a historic Canadian political party’s consistent trend towards self-destruction seems explainable at least in part due to the corruption of Stephane Dion’s mind by the malevolent forces of the Old Ones (The Record.com).

Meanwhile, Vancouver Sun columnist and mayoral hopeful(?) Pete McMartin seems to be trying to project a compromise position between traditional municipal politics and Cthullu’s slogan with his own balanced motto, “Probably, You Could Do Worse“.

Anything but politics as usual.

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