Apr 02 2008

EcoView: Things Small Businesses Can Do to Go Green

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The corporate world has certainly spawned a host of environmental scandals, from the illegal dumping of toxic waste by manufacturers to the subtler yet potentially catastrophic seed specialization used by agribusiness (which puts much of the human race at risk of starvation from any unexpected blight).

Yet many corporations have also done much good over the past decade to be more environmentally friendly. Their customers demand it. Hence, hybrid cars, alternative energy companies and the explosive growth of the recycling industry, not to mention countless fundraisers for green causes.

Even for small businesses with tight timelines and tighter budgets, there are opportunities for being good planetary citizens. Vancouver’s own David Suzuki Foundation has plenty of information for green-minded entrepreneurs. Check out this eco-friendly toolkit for business. Or check out this article on green business tips on the David Suzuki Foundation website.

You’ll feel better after you do. Really. I guarantee.

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