Apr 14 2008

CityView: Blood Alley Ain’t So Scary During the Day

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Is Vancouver such a young city that we have to invent a colorful heritage out of thin air? Vancouverific blogger JZ at Beyond Robson has posed an interesting take on the gritty, lantern-lit Chinatown street known as Blood Alley (BR): according to his findings, the distinct-looking street with the intimidating name (conjuring up images of a young, crimson-spatterd, mourning Bruce Wayne — yes, I know it was Crime Alley, fellow comic book geeks) seems to have no real connection with anything all that grisly, much less super-hero spawning.

Chinatown and Gastown do actually have pretty rich histories, for those who take the time to do a Wikipedia search.  Why embellish when the real thing is awfully interesting– and on occasion, actually bloody, to begin with?

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One Response to “CityView: Blood Alley Ain’t So Scary During the Day”

  1. Raulon 21 Apr 2008 at 4:29 pm

    You are *so* right, Jonathon. In my case, there are very valid and profound reasons why I can’t venture much into those areas but the fact of the matter is that they are both rich and beautiful – architecturally speaking!

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