Apr 17 2008

WorldView: You Won the Election. Ipso Facto, You’re a Traitor

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They certainly do politics a little differently in Zimbabwe. Twenty-eight years after he first came to power, President(?) Robert Mugabe is clinging to power with his bloody fingernails. He has accused the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai of treason and plotting with Britain to “overthrow” the government (Associated Press).

To which most Zimbabweans must be thinking, “great!” Overthrowing a regime that has brought about 80 per cent unemployment, hunger and deprivation seems like a pretty laudable goal to get behind. Tsvangirai likely did win the election (overwhelmingly, assuming Zimbabweans are like the rest of the human species in preferring the benefits of a better economy and political freedom). But even in the extremely unlikely event that Zimbabweans voted for another term of hunger and repression, if there was a time for a Boris Yeltsin-on-a-tank moment for Tsvangirai, this is it.

But it still may be far from over. A commentary in Vancouver’s paper the Georgia Straight predicting the end of the Mugabe regime from nearly a year ago repeated all the reasons why this societal wrecking machine has to go — and the situation is far worse now than it was then.

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