May 01 2008

WriteImage: My New Business Plan Is Inspired By Savage Chickens

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I’ve been taking stock and come to the happy conclusion that things have been awfully pleasant lately both in my personal and professional life. I’d like to thank all my friends and colleagues in Vancouver’s creative community for their inspiration (read: me stealing your best ideas). One classic Savage Chickens cartoon from the audaciously funny Doug Savage pretty much sums up my new take-over-the-world attitude (hopefully not inspired in turn by Dr. Evil, but you never know).


Doug’s story, by the way, is an fantastic tale of a guy following his creative passion with bloody-minded efficiency. Read the story of the Savage Chickens below:

When I was a kid, I drew cartoons all the time. I drew cows and alligators and pigs and superheroes. I drew a platypus named Ed. I drew a dead dog named Dead Dog Bob. I drew everything I saw and everything I wanted to see.

Many years passed. By a strange series of coincidences, I found myself working in an office. The more I used a keyboard, the worse my penmanship became. The constant hum of computers made my brain twitch. That’s when I stopped drawing cartoons.

Then the chickens came.

Like some sort of haunting supernatural force, the chickens bubbled up from the ol’ subconscious mind. In a trance-like state, I drew them on office whiteboards. I drew them in notebooks. I drew them on anything that sat still long enough. People started asking, “Who’s drawing those damn chicken cartoons everywhere?”

The chickens were unstoppable. To retain my sanity, all I could do was grab a stack of sticky notes, and release the Savage Chickens.

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