May 25 2008

WorldView: Our Generation’s Spanish Civil War

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Canadians are fighting the good fight against fascists and terrorists. It’s a cause very much in keeping with Canada’s heritage, for those who remember the fight against the fascists in Spain (and of course our much more vigorous national efforts in fighting the Nazis). This week in the National Post, BC writer Terry Glavin has laid out the case once more for why Canada needs to be involved in Afghanistan.

Quite a few good people have joined the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee (CASC) to show their support for the Afghan people. They come from all walks of life, as Glavin notes in his article.

Among the 130 or so members of the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee –a new group that it would be fair to describe as unapologetically “pro-troops” — there are Muslims, Jews, Christians and atheists. There are feminists, campus activists and academics. There are gay-rights veterans, writers and trade unionists.

Our members also include a cook, a computer-game developer and a young man who ran as a Conservative party candidate in the last federal election. We have an insurance broker, a former diplomat, some retired soldiers and a warehouseman. There are quite a few Afghan-Canadians among us.

Our more prominent members include former Progressive Conservative cabinet ministers John Fraser and Flora MacDonald, and a former Liberal Cabinet minister, Iona Campagnolo, who was also, until quite recently, British Columbia’s lieutenant-governor. We have poets and novelists, too.

Good people have joined our cause, but in the coming year, we would like our group to engage the Canadian public more and get behind some essential rebuilding and social support projects in Afghanistan. To do that, we’ll need even more help. Check out the CASC website to learn more about us. It only takes two minutes to join CASC and pledge solidarity with Afghanistan as it strives to rise up again.

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