Jun 09 2008

CityView: Vancouver’s Citizen Sam On His Way Out Of City Hall

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Politics can be nasty, brutish and quicker than anyone suspected. Vancouver Sam Sullivan is on his way out after an upset at Sunday’s nomination process (Who knew about this thing?). Newly-crowned Non-Partisan Association head honcho Peter Ladner now has the chance to grasp the brass ring that is the Mayor’s office (CBC). First, he’ll have an election to fight, though.

Will Sullivan’s supporters go over to Ladner in solidarity with the NPA cause? It doesn’t look like Sullivan is going to fight it. “I’m really honoured to continue to finish off my term and I will go on and do something else,” he says with far speedier poise than Hillary Clinton was able to pull off when her own campaign finally hit a brick wall.

The city has real issues that the next mayor, whoever it is, will have to deal with promptly. Our city is still swarming with homeless. The drug trade is going gangbusters, and gangsta violence is hurting innocents. Parts of Vancouver look like a war zone. We need results… last year.

Of course, whoever does take the reigns at Vancouver City Hall will also be leading a city that has one of the best environmental records in North America, a working multi-ethnic society and an economy that seems to have real staying power even in an economic downturn. And then there’s the Olympics.

Whoever will be mayor, it will be one of the most exciting municipal politics positions anywhere in the world. As for Citizen Sam, you’ve been criticized by your opponents as a politician who is big on ideas but not as effective in getting results. May you use the rest of your tenure as mayor to bring some of your policies to fruition and leave the city in better condition than you found it. Good luck.

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One Response to “CityView: Vancouver’s Citizen Sam On His Way Out Of City Hall”

  1. Raulon 13 Jun 2008 at 5:11 pm

    You’re being awfully sweet on Sam, my dear friend Jonathon,

    I suspect that the numerous criticisms that he has received have done very little in the way of encouraging him to change so I am here crossing my fingers that he will listen to your firm but gentle nudge towards doing a better than what he has done so far.

    And I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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