Jul 13 2008

EcoView: Are Food Prices Really Going Up?

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Has your grocery bill increased over the past year or so? That’s when I first noticed more media reports linking the high price of fuel to higher prices for loafs of bread, produce, soy milk and such. News about food supply problems in other countries are already linked to this phenomenon.

But in Canada, are we insulated against the worst effects of peak-oil inflation by our ultra-efficient supermarkets? My wife and I have started shopping at the Kingsgate mall Buy-Low Foods supermarket and at Kin’s Farm Market. At Kin’s this weekend, I picked up enough produce to keep us full of goodness for the next ten days or so (two full bags of oranges, peaches, plums, mangos, kiwis, strawberries and mushrooms), all for $13.42. The Buy-Low Foods has good deals like 2.99 for a kg bag of fruits and nuts granola, or $2.99 a pound for orange and yellow peppers.

So it seems us Canadians in the big cities at least can stave off part of the inflationary effects by simply being a little bit more choosey about where we shop if possible.

I’m lucky enough to have a huge amount of choice for my produce in the central Vancouver neighborhood of Mount Pleasant. I wonder how many others are also still finding deals in these supposedly difficult inflationary times — and how many really have been hurting from the indirect effect of producers and truckers getting gouged at the pump.

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  1. Shantiah Macon 21 Jul 2008 at 5:16 pm

    I think that prices are going up and its sad to say!

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