Aug 24 2008

CityView: Beijing Olympics a Tough Act to Follow in Vancouver

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Anyone else feeling a little intimidated by the spectactular Chinese-hosted Olympics the past couple of weeks?

“Their budget for those Opening Ceremonies — $68 million — was more than our budget for all of our ceremonies”, says VANOC CEO John Furlong.

So, low expectations for Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics? We’ll make do with a “tasteful” ceremony? Very… Canadian.

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One Response to “CityView: Beijing Olympics a Tough Act to Follow in Vancouver”

  1. Larry Yatkowskyon 24 Aug 2008 at 10:20 pm

    Not to worry.

    We got water, mountains, and white snow. Ours stays white when it falls unlike Bejing’s, which is black from the soot and very distasteful.

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