Sep 17 2008

TechView: The Web is Broken. We’re Screwed

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The web we’re building just ain’t secure. Odd, since virtually so many organizations from tech startups to a tire factories to your municipal government are so plugged into interactive websites and business web apps. You’d think we’d all take better care of it.

For more info on how to protect your business site or personal blog from hackers, check out my latest post on Techvibes here. WordPress bloggers may want to check out a post on how to protect themselves courtesy of Vancouver Techie blogger Jan Karlsbjerg.

Why should you care? As Thomas Friedman would point out, one thing that keeps North Americans from a race to the bottom in competition with places like China and India is our ability to produce dynamic knowledge workers who can utilize technology for maximum efficiency. I’m not talking about our programmers being more talented than foreign programmers (Ours already AREN’T more talented). I’m talking about our artists being able to produce unique art, market it and distribute it better than a Photoshop hack somewhere in Lithuania. Or small business owners utilizing optimal supply chain management and improved work processes to beat out the competition anywhere in the world.

If our web infrastructure remains at the mercy of the cyber mafia and pimply-faced script kiddies, that hurts our nation’s efficiency at a time when we are already having trouble maintaining our edge. Our livelihoods are at stake.

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