Sep 21 2008

Globe & Post: Canada, Afghanistan and Election 2008

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Canada’s battlegroup in Afghanistan has handed over command to a new group of Canadian soldiers ( There’s still much work to be done before the troops can come home.

Yes, Conservative PM Stephen Harper has already announced that the larger portion of our military involvement in central Asia is likely to end in 2011 (which the Taliban and their allies are likely hailing as a strategic victory a la the Madrid bombings). But it’s not fast enough for at least one foreign policy lightweight, who happens to be the leader of a mainstream political party. Says mustachioed moron Jack Layton, “We’ve got to construct a comprehensive peace process using all the various tools and elements that are available in the UN toolbox — and they are many — in order to work towards the accomplishment of ceasefires, piece by piece, working towards negotiations in as many locations as possible” (The Star).

To which Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee founding member and political commentator Terry Glavin would likely reply:

“The NDP’s ideas have already been tried, and they have already failed catastrophically. This is why UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon describes the ground that the NDP has staked out as ‘a misjudgement of historic proportions.’ It’s because the position demands “the repetition of a mistake that has already had terrible consequences.

“Quite apart from the earth-rattling mistake the “international community” made when it abandoned the Afghan people to the Taliban in the first place, Canada has already tried withdrawing its troops. We already did that once. After joining with NATO in driving out the Taliban, we joined an exodus of foreign troops from Afghanistan in the summer of 2002. Canada withdrew its troops, our meagre successes were slammed into reverse, and the whole country started sliding back into barbarism again.”

Is Afghanistan really neutralized as an election issue for 2008? Perhaps. But we’re still going to need clear thinking about our involvement in Afghanistan and the endgame we desire for a long time to come.

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2 Responses to “Globe & Post: Canada, Afghanistan and Election 2008”

  1. Earnest Canuckon 24 Sep 2008 at 8:41 am

    Precisely so, Narvey. Layton is well aware that there ain’t any tools in “the UN toolbox”; that when negotiators and multilateral politicos set up shop in places like Baghdad and Kandahar, the jihadis simply kill them, whereupon they retreat; and that the UN was “negotiating” in Afghanistan throughout the entire period of the Taliban’s murderous misrule.

    Therefore he is advocating the immediate abandonment of Middle Eastern peoples to the cruellest clerico-barbarism imaginable, which is a funny position for someone who’s big on international brotherhood, etc. Admittedly, the Tories only propose to postpone this abdication for a while, but we must take what we can get. It puzzles me that not one Canadian leader has made any clear statement about the threat of international Islamism, nor acknowledged that Afghanistan is just one front in what will be a long struggle. If the Taliban’s recent butchery of WHO and Rescue Committee civilians doesn’t clarify the situation for wets like Layton, well then, nothing will; and Canada will go down in history as The Nation That Pretended Fascism Didn’t Exist.

  2. 2008 Currents Year In Review | Currentson 31 Dec 2008 at 9:53 am

    […] Dedicated and hard-hitting journalist and author Terry Glavin reminds us again why we must stick to the mission in Afghanistan and ignore the heckles of so-called “peaceniks” who would abandon millions of Afghans […]

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