Nov 05 2008

WorldView: America and the Audacity of Hope

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Congratulations to President Barrack Obama and to my American friends. The leader of the free world finally has a temperament, intellect and the respect from his countrymen and the world to match the prestige of the office. My predictions for an Obama presidency:

1. America’s economy rebounds about a year from now, no thanks to the executives drawing down billion-dollar compensation packages that got the world into this mess.
2. Osama bin Ladin captured, along with the goat he’s been screwing in a cave the past six years or so. The Marine Corp deploys in strength to Afghanistan and the few remaining Taliban that don’t want to blow themselves up sue for peace talks.
3. US troops leave Iraq. The former stomping grounds of Saddam Hussein becomes just another out-of-the-way country no one but archaeologists and obscure travel writers ever visit.
4. A strategic energy plan puts America on a road to giving slightly less cash to regimes that put a significant amount of petro-dollars into projects involving dead Americans. Let’s face it, energy independence ain’t an option until the Yanks build a shwack of nuclear plants.
5. Obama gets re-elected in 2012 with an even larger majority.

I’m not American. But as I’ve written before on this blog, an Obama presidency makes me hopeful about a whole lot of goals that would benefit people beyond America’s borders — people like us.

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5 Responses to “WorldView: America and the Audacity of Hope”

  1. Davidon 06 Nov 2008 at 11:34 am

    I hope all of your predictions come true. I’d also add that the US will close Guantanamo prison and try the remaining prisoners there in civilian courts. Actually this isn’t so much a prediction, as a report, because I believe I heard it this morning (but I was only half awake, so it might have been a dream).

    I only hope that the President does not become pilloried by the pundits for ‘giving rights to terrorists’ for such an action.

  2. jnarveyon 06 Nov 2008 at 12:41 pm

    Amen to all that, brother. Fortunately, the goofballs who would attack Obama as a terrorist sympathizer have been exposed for the aging, increasingly demented and declining minority that they are.

  3. Jeremy Limon 06 Nov 2008 at 4:44 pm

    “Osama bin Ladin captured, along with the goat he’s been screwing in a cave the past six years or so.”

    Hah, nice.

  4. Yes We Fighton 08 Nov 2008 at 4:41 am

    Yo Dave, it may be that President Hopeful Audacity will close the tiny POW camp in Cuba whose international denizens have been so shockingly deprived of that right to a legal defense which Western jurisprudence normally assign to its own citizens. You’re saying the Gitmo detainees are criminals at worst, right…? Not soldiers of the enemy captured on the battlefield during a war…?

    Well, maybe. There might be innocents at Guantanamo. According to the poetry anthology they put out in ’07 with the help of their several hundred lawyers, no Gitmo inmate, not even the most avowed militant military militiaman soldier of Allah caged there, has ever bombed a girls’ school, killed an American or British soldier, beheaded a Shi’ite, or even so much as jaywalked in Mosul.

    Maybe it was Abdullah Saleh al-Ajmi’s poem you were dreaming about, dude. He was the pious Kuwaiti (!) fighting for the Sunni jihad in the early Iraq War, who was put into the Yankee Cuba prison early in 2004. “Our release is in the hands of He who created us,” said his poem in “The Detainees Speak”, which book collected the complaints, avowals and protestations of every single inmate at Gitmo — none of whom was a soldier apparently; every one of whom was as innocent as Omar Khadr or David Hicks.

    Al-Ajmi got released in the wake of the book’s publicity, Dave; although he had been busted with a gun near an IED attack site, it was decided that “a civilian court” might not be able to convict him the way a security video could, if he were shoplifting in Detroit. It was the first big contraction of the Gitmo Torture Horror Prison; with a few other parolees, Abdullah was flown at American expense to Kuwait City.

    As soon as he disembarked, he met with some friends who were Pushtun Afghani, or more properly Taliban, and doing jihad alongside Al-Qaeda fighters in Iraq. Innocent Abdullah, or AAA as I like to call him, drove a bomb-laden truck into an Iraqi Army barracks in Mosul this past March, suicidally killing 14 soldiers or so.

    If Pres. Obama shuts down Gitmo, which is not a Chicago county jail but a POW camp, he is just going to have to open an identical facility elsewhere, to humanely pen up the enemy’s fighters; “civilian court” my ass; Geneva Convention my balls; you find a Nazi infantryman in the bush outside Stalingrad, you put him behind barbed wire in durable PJs and feed him two bowls of porridge a day till the war’s won.

    ‘Cos the jihad’s troopers aren’t mere criminals; they are in fact the enemy. You ought to actually consider who the people in Gitmo are, Dave; and what the distinction is between military and civilian imprisonment. I’ll happily pillory the academics and lawyers who wrung their hands for al-Ajmi’s rights and mooned over his lousy poetry; they have 14 families to apologize to, not that they ever will.

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