Nov 21 2008

WorldView: “News Flash! Al Queda hates the USA!” Um, yeah, we knew that…

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The defeated and demented McCain supporters in the USA who still think the rest of their country elected a rabid terrorist must be spitting into their kool-aid. Al Queda’s propaganda machine is comparing USA President-elect Obama to a “house negro” (Globe and Mail) and seemed pretty let down that the new leader has decided not to surrender the free world to a poorly-dressed gang of inbred nihilists.

I question the value of giving anything Al Queda’s propagandists might have to say front-page, 11-o-clock news, Google front-page publicity for any announcement they might want to make. Their rants pretty much follow this magical formula:

1. Declare outrage for the latest Western atrocity, real or imagined… or one that happened 10 years ago. Or 60 years ago. Or 600 years ago. It’s all good, when you’re blowing up the infidels.
2. Be sure to mention that Al Queda is simply reacting to unreasoning Islamophobia… because the pretty-much daily world news reports of Muslims blowing up shoppers, kidnapping reporters, stabbing their own “dishonorable” family members, shooting UN soldiers and declaring jihad on Danish cartoonists are all just war-mongering imaginings of the Zionist-controlled media.
3. Mention a recent newsworthy event so that reporters can be sure you made your statement recently, presumably not too long before you go off to visit your 72 virgin goats.

Here’s hoping Obama can do better than the previous leader of the free world in putting out a more compelling message than the other side.

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