Dec 09 2008

Currents Blog Flogging. The Controversial Campaign Continues

In the course of the campaign for Best Politics Site or Blog at the Metro Vancouver 604 Blog Awards, outrageous rants, scurrilous rumors and innuendo have put this Vancouver politics blog at ground zero of a hard battle for hearts and minds. Check these out:

DaveO (Choogle On With Uncle Weed) on Ephemeral Feasthouse mixes kind words like “he offers up the rightie punditry i require for expanding my mind” with surreptitious venom. We’re still friends, though.

Raul (Hummingbird604) sees controversy and shadowy no-goodness all around me. Yikes.

Ruth Seeley asks why boys must be boys (because they aren’t whales?) and takes issue with the mud-in-the-trenches monkey warfare of the campaign. Will it change? If not now, when?

Don’t forget to vote!

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