Dec 09 2008

Vote for a 604 Blog That’s Always Right, Most of the Time

I am honored and not a little flattered as Currents is nominated for a Best of 604 Blog Award in the category of Best Politics Site or Blog. Just to be in the same company as political commentators like the Tyee, Public Eye Online and Unambiguously Ambidextrous makes me feel like a winner.

That said, I do actually want to win this thing. Why should you vote for Currents at Here are a few reasons:

1. You actually like what I have to say about politics, or whatever else I’m blogging about. You’ve read something I wrote and thought, “Wow. I never thought of the issue like that before. Cool!”, or “I was thinking the exact same thing, but I didn’t know how to put it. Narvey nailed it!” You liked a post enough to offer an insightful comment.
2. You hate what I have to say about politics. It evokes a primordial, gut-wrenching response. You’ve left a libelous comment at some point, or decided not to comment in the hopes that ignoring a post would make it go away. I affected your life.
3. If you vote for Currents at and I win, I will strip down to my underwear at the Best of 604 Blog Awards. Let’s face it, no one in the Vancouver blogosphere wants to see my tackle dangling. But perhaps you’ve been just a liiiiiiittle curious about what hairy patches and tattoos lie underneath the clothes that my wife picks out for me? Also, I’ll donate any coins people toss my way to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

Can I count on your support?

UPDATE: I am advised by my closest campaign aides that my promise to let it all hang out (well, almost all) in the event that I win could detract somewhat from the spirit of the 604 Blog Awards and also put the kibosh on a promising career. As well, some pointed out that the proposal might actually be a disincentive for some to vote for me, as some people find massive amounts of body hair on pale skin somewhat unpleasant.

As such, I propose instead that if I win, I will donate at least $100 to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Should I find a person or group of people willing to donate with me, I will match funds up to $250 (ie. $250 from me, $250 from an individual or group, for $500 total). This seems more in keeping with the real community spirit of this honorable blogging event. People who want to pledge matching funds should contact me through my Gmail account (yes, I know Gmail has been wonky this week) at jnarvey (AT)

Remember to vote!

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