Dec 09 2008

WorldView: Iran, a Nation of Bloggers

Iranian bloggers are cool.

In Vancouver, a lot of us geeky types have gotten used to thinking of our little Pacific Rim outpost as a free-speech blogging beacon to the rest of the world. Based on the enthusiasm at an indie social media-Olympics brainstorming event last week at Gastown’s Raincity Studios, I expect this crowd will make an impact on how the relationship of new media to the squelching policies of the Vancouver Olympics rules.

But when it comes to sticking it to the man (or in this case, the mullahs), Iran’s nation of online pundits are really on the front lines. Hopefully, they’re able to steal some traffic and power away from this jackass. To see what I mean, check this Vancouver Film School video, appropriately entitled Iran: A Nation of Bloggers.

To read the blog of an admirable Iranian political blogger studying in Canada (in my home province. Interesting), check out Kamangir (the Archer), which reportedly shows up in the top 20 blogs in the entire Iranian blogosphere (that’s out of 700,000 Iranian blogs, total). He’s taken on an honorable task:

While I have all the reasons to criticize the Islamic Republic, I will remain objective. I am not a member of any Iranian political party in or outside Iran. Having said that, I do respect any movement which is pro democracy and human rights.

In Kamangir, no lie has ever been told, neither will it be in the future. If you catch me telling a lie, I will send you a $1,000 check (not for mistakes, though!). . .

Thanks for the tip about Kamangir, Terry. Cheers, readers.

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