Dec 13 2008

All Politics Is Local At

“If as the saying goes, all politics is local, then how come there is so little attention paid to the importance of our urban centres?” That’s the angle of, the new politics blog hoping to bring some much-deserved attention to municipal politics across Canada (although the first few days of the site going live appear to make it pretty Vancouver-centric).

Looks like an ambitious plan, and my hat’s off to the lot of them. Vancouver media maven Michael Klassen has an interesting write-up correlating Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertons’s thoughts (as advertised on Twitter) in the wake of the shake-up at city hall and the contentious firing of Vancouver city manager Judy Rogers, whose career spanned 20 years. Not sure I agree with Michael on this one, since quoting Twitter tweets may very well be the ultimate taken “out-of-context” medium, but the idea is pretty novel.

I love Vancouver’s vibrant political scene (although I’ll confess the partisan nature of it confused the heck out of me after moving here from the relatively sleepy city of Winnipeg). Frankly, this city is dealing with the big issues of the day, from homelessness and social sustainability to green urban planning and the big issues of how to host the Olympics, to name just a few. As a blogger with his pulse on the city scene, I’m happy to see such a promising new site that focuses on local politics. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got, CityCaucus.

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2 Responses to “All Politics Is Local At”

  1. Danielon 13 Dec 2008 at 11:07 pm


    Glad to see that you enjoy our new website. We are still in “soft launch” mode and are setting up our correspondents in Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg etc…

    You should see quite a few more postings from those cities when we officially launch next month.

    To date, we have posted stories on West Van, Coquitlam, Victoria, Surrey, Winnipeg, Toronto, Vancouver etc…given we are west coast based, we will likely always have a bit more coverage from this side of our beautiful country.

    Keep checking in for more interesting posts over the months to come and we could love to see a guest editorial from you!



  2. jnarveyon 14 Dec 2008 at 12:03 am

    Thanks so much for the offer, Daniel! You’ll be sure to hear from me very soon. The site looks like it has a LOT of potential.

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